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Amazing Ideas to Create a New Kitchen Using White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Traditional kitchens are not ‘country’ or ‘old’ kitchens. There is an indescribable identity and quality of traditional kitchens that make them more admirable to many people.

The idea of a traditional kitchen idea is one that most homeowners don’t know how to implement. If you are interested in this kind of kitchen, we can help you get started with great ideas. However, this doesn’t mean that modern cabinetry ideas like white shaker kitchen cabinets should be discarded. They are also amazing and could fit with traditional ideas.

Glass-front cabinets 

Have you ever had a view of cabinets with glass fronts? It is one of the most mesmerizing things that you can view in the kitchen. It makes the kitchen more ornamental in addition to the function that a kitchen has.

Think about it this way; a kitchen cabinet is just a storage element but adding glass to it makes it beautiful. Furthermore, it helps in opening up the space in the kitchen, which is a traditional kitchen idea.

Open cabinetry 

Another great traditional kitchen idea that you can have is to install open cabinets in your kitchen. This is where your white shaker kitchen cabinets could come in handy. They are open and help in creating an illusion of space in the kitchen.

There are several ways you can achieve this idea. You can use expressive open kitchen cabinets or simply remove the doors of your existing cabinetry.

Natural color

Traditional kitchens tend to recreate outdoor setups. This is why adding natural colors to the kitchen will make a fashionable statement of tone and style of the kitchen. Some of the natural color options that you have include beige, brown, and white. They are all ideal for major kitchen elements including cabinetry.

Tile backsplash 

Any kitchen that has a backsplash is always attractive. The designs of the backsplash can be different but the effect is the same; the kitchen remains beautiful.

Traditional kitchens work well with tile backsplashes as they combine both aesthetics and functionality.

Create focal points 

Let’s face it, your kitchen is likely to be the busiest room in your house. Since you will be spending more time here, you should create focal points that will always amaze your eyes. For example, you can install beautiful white shaker kitchen cabinets as a focal point. Add more focal points that are outstanding like kitchen islands, chandeliers, and artistic pieces.

The bottom line

Apart from all these ideas, you should ensure that you are creating a warm and homely kitchen that will always excite you to stay in.


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