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7 Big Kitchen Ideas in 2022 With Oak Kitchen Cabinets

It’s everyone’s wish to have a stylish kitchen. This wish can only be realized if a homeowner is creative and has set aside a budget for kitchen renovation. But even with a budget for renovation, you need great ideas that will leave an impressive kitchen look.

We have big kitchen ideas that you can try this year to make your kitchen stylish.

1.     Double islands

A kitchen island is a common expectation in modern kitchens. You’ll rarely walk into a home without a kitchen island. Well, there is more to it if you can double the islands in your kitchen.

It creates more room for people to stay in the kitchen instead of having to wait in the living room. This new design is based on people’s love to spend more time in the kitchen.

2.     Butcher block countertops

There is also an increasing trend in many homes where people are using butcher block countertops instead of granite. Wood instead of granite adds a rustic and authentic feel to the kitchen. It can work well in kitchens with oak kitchen cabinets as wood complement each other.

3.     Outdoor kitchen

Have you ever thought of an outdoor kitchen? Outdoor kitchens are no longer for BBQ only; some bold homeowners are taking cues from BBQ stands to create outdoor kitchens. With this kind of design, you can easily enjoy the outdoor experience inside your house.

You must be keen on this design; you must ask a professional designer to alter your current kitchen position. You will need multiple approvals to make such changes.

4.     Vintage furniture

You can also add furniture to your kitchen to give it a rustic look. This design makes the kitchen look traditional but in a modern way. Adding oak kitchen cabinets can be helpful in achieving this objective.You will also need to add more antique furniture.

5.     Unique tiles

2022 is a year where homeowners should expect some interesting backsplashes with great texture and dimension. More homeowners will be shifting from classic subway tiles to unique options that provide variations.

6.     Focus on cabinetry

Another big idea that you should expect is an intentional focus on cabinetry. Choosing cabinetry like oak kitchen cabinets is an idea that can work in these modern times. When cabinetry becomes the focus, it must be the best and reflect the overall theme of the kitchen.


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